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Summary of R1P3 March 29, 2008

Well, another milestone bites the dust.

Problems I encountered in Phase 3:

  1. Volume of food in the first week was sooooo filling…hard to eat it all…so I increased my healthy fats to boost calories.
  2. Found my weight fluctuated during the first week..up and down…likely because my body was trying to adjust to the new volume of food. Couldn’t help it…my first instinct was to cut back on how much I was eating….gained even more weight…I was putting my body into starvation mode… again. Joined a great HCG forum group ( that Biz, Jenn,Regina, Dawn and helpers started. The support and knowledge was amazing. The most useful advice was from Dawn ..who told me…” The three weeks after P2 are the hardest. And I think almost the most important. Cause no matter if you have food issues, P2 is really strict and either you comply and lose weight or you don’t. With P3, it is like a kid being set loose in a candy store and then being told to exercise restraint. As if. But P3 is when you tell your hypothalamus how much food you want to eat to maintain your weight. You can either tell it to maintain on 2000 calories or 1200 calories. One is very doable and the other is a recipe for gaining weight back. So it sets more than just your weight, it sets the level of food to maintain that weight. Crazy huh? ” Best advice ever…also joined Biz’s BootCamp for phase 3ers to keep on track…..worked….got me 2 lbs below LIW to start next Round 2.
  3. Found Biz’s advice really helped…”confuse your metabolism by eating below your BMR and then the next day eat above your BMR and then the next day eat at your BMR.” Not her exact words…(can’t find her quote..will post it here if I do)…but the idea is similar.
  4. Certain foods made me gain weight…big time…in the first week…but were OK in the second week…mixed nuts was a big…
  5. Was very nervous to eat the required calories as stated on to maintain my BMR….was very tuned into the old way of thinking…less equals weight loss….joined Biz’s boot camp to achieve great results…am now a firm believer that you have to eat to lose…(OK…it’s still nerve wracking to eat sooooo much food.)

LIW – 165.2 lbs

Day 1 – 165 (-.2)

Day 2 – 164.2 (-.8 )

Day 3 – 163.4 (-1.8 )

Day 4 – 164.8 (+1.4)

Day 5 – 164.2 (-.6)

Day 6 – 165.2 (+1)

Day 7 – 163.8 (-1.4)

Day 8 – 165 (+1.2)

Day 9 – 165.4 (+.4)

Day 10 – 164.4 (-1)

Day 11 – 168.8 (+4.4)

Day 12 – 166.8 (-2)

Day 13 – 166.2 (-.6)

Day 14 – 164.6 (-1.6)

Day 15 – 165 (+.4)

Day 16 – 163.2 (-1.8 ) 1st injection still eating phase 3 – no gorging

Day 17 – 163 (-.2) 2nd injection still eating phase 3 – no gorging


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