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VLCD DAY 3 May 11, 2011

Filed under: Daily Journal — triplejtb @ 4:57 pm

starting wt:               192.0 lbs

todays Wt:             184.6 lbs

today’s loss/gain:   – 2.8 lbs

total loss/gain:        -7.4 lbs

I wish I had been more organized before I started the VLCD…. I’m finding I’m not prepared for the hunger….

I will spend the weekend getting ready and get supplies in…to help get organized…I’m also dusting off all  the old recipes I used to make while on phase 2…

Hunger is not so bad…but I’m finding the habit of munching all the time is hard to break…

I promised myself that I wouldn’t be attached to my scale so much this round…it’s hard not to jump on first thing in the morning to….take a little peek…



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