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R2P2 Day 10 June 12, 2008

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Starting Wt. – 191 lbs BMI – 37.2

R1P2 LIW – 165.2 lbs BMI – 31.9

R2P2 LIW – 145.8 lbs BMI – 28.3

Goal Wt. – 120 lbs

Todays Wt. – 147 lbs

+ 1.2 above LIW

Maintaining well….eating on protocol…back into my exercise program…walking and doing curves…and of course…my golf…

Planning a dinner for family on Saturday…about 10 people…should be a breeze this time…as both myself and sister are on phase 3…


Can hardly wait to get as close to goal as you are Becca….

Hi Mary…still maintaining and having fun I see…


3 Responses to “R2P2 Day 10”

  1. Mary Says:

    You’re doing great, keep it up!! I only have three days to enjoy anymore junk food and Monday its back to VLCD.

    Love ya, take care!!

  2. Biz Says:

    Well it’s about time I get back over here eh? I sure did miss you, looks like things are well with the JanMeister, in MAINTAIN land! Good for you!

  3. Becca Says:

    Your day’s a comin lady. You don’t have that far to go either and your next round will surely take you there. So just keep on maintaining the way you have and you’ll be ready to come back and do the final stretch in no time…

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