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R2P3 Day 9 June 11, 2008

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Starting Wt. – 191 lbs BMI – 37.2

R1P2 LIW – 165.2 lbs BMI – 31.9

R2P2 LIW – 145.8 lbs BMI – 28.3

Goal Wt. – 120 lbs

Todays Wt. – 146.6 lbs

+ .8 above LIW

Have been maintaining my LIW within the 2 lbs range for the last week…yeah…work is starting to settle down…still have about another 3 or 4 days of madness to get thru…

Haven’t even had time to do my usual exercising….except golf…wouldn’t give that up without a fight..:wink:

Will start back into the walking and doing Curves this week…

The temperature has gone from rainy and freezing… hot and humid…we only seem to have two seasons these days…winter and summer…no in-between…

Off to check up on everybody….have a great day…


2 Responses to “R2P3 Day 9”

  1. Becca Says:

    Jan, Great job on maintaining. That is the hardest part, as we all know from experience! Hope to see you back on the bandwagon as soon as things settle down for you…

  2. Mary Says:

    Doing great Jan, keep it up!! Our weather is just hot and windy!!

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