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R2P2 Day 48 May 17, 2008

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Injection 50

Starting Wt. – 164.2 lbs

BMI – 31.9

Goal Wt. – 120 lbs

71 lbs to lose

Todays Wt. – 146.4 lbs BMI -28.6

Today’s gain/loss -2.6 lbs 😆

Total Lost -18.8 lbs this round 😆

Total Lost Ever -44.6 lbs 😆

Weighed in late today (weighed at 12 noon)….ended up canceling our golf today…got a rain check for a better day…was pouring rain and cold…so came home early…went to the garden center instead…and picked out our flowers for the garden….(will wait for a better day to plant them)

Huge loss overnight…happy dance…yeah..woohoo….the steak day worked…get to change my ticker again

Am going to continue to do my injections about 1 pm….really like this schedule…

Am doing another steak day today…only because we had planned to be busy all day…and I’m still full with the prime rib from last night…


London broil (did not eat the sausage part…but it probable was still too fatty)



One Response to “R2P2 Day 48”

  1. Biz Says:

    Hey girl! INCREDIBLE loss! WOO HOO! I really need to bite the bullet and do a steak day. Seriously. Ugh.

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