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R2P2 Day 13 April 13, 2008

Filed under: Daily Journal — triplejtb @ 7:41 am

Injection 16

Starting Wt. – 164.2 lbs

BMI – 31.9

Goal Wt. – 120 lbs

43.2 lbs to lose

Todays Wt. – 156.6 lbs BMI -30.6

Today’s gain/loss -.8 lbs 😆

Total Lost -8.6 lbs this round 😆

Total Lost Ever – -34.4 lbs 😆

Yeah another loss….today will be a challangeing day. Need to resist alot of food later at this big party I’m going to….sometimes I feel like being anti-social so I don’t have to deal with all the temptations. Ah….well…..this to will pass.


dill pickle

Prime Rib



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