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R2P2 – Day 1 March 31, 2008

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Injection 3

Starting Wt. – 164.2 lbs

BMI – 31.9

Goal Wt. – 120 lbs

43.2 lbs to lose

Todays Wt. – 164.2 lbs BMI -32

Today’s gain/loss 0 lbs 

Total Lost 0 lbs

Today’s menu:

Breakfast: 1 tbsp metamucil (yum yum orange flavour) LOL

Lunch: Hamburger/tomatoe

Dinner: chicken breast/spring mix salad greens with apple cider vinegar as dressing

Woke up late and didn’t get organized enough to make a lunch for work…so, didn’t get to eat until 3 pm…..probably not a very good start to the VLCD but if I’m not hungry then I won’t eat dinner…we’ll see. Haven’t been hungry at all today so far…going to stay off the fruit and see if that works.

Did my Curves and 1 hour on treadmill…(as usual)..had good energy level and didn’t find it difficult to do…will continue to exercise daily on this round as long as energy stays high…will be willing to skip days if I’m feeling really tired and weak.

During my injection…I hit a nerve this morning…ouch…anyone wondering if they will know if that happens….let me tell you….there will be no doubt….electric pulse shot right to my toes and to my hip…was left with no doubt to what happened….stopped as soon as I withdrew the needle and had no lasting effects.

Eating my hamburger/tomatoe soup as I blog….not bad….think I’m going to start a recipe page to keep track of my favourite meals.

Oh yeah…I gained today…1.2 lbs….(almost got away with forgetting about that) LOL Still below LIW from Round 1 though..didn’t gorge the first two injections days…but did a little splurging last night before I went to bed…(2 glasses of wine)…oops….knew that was going to catch up with me sooner or later.

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Hi Biz – not so good today….will get better.


R2P2 – 2nd injection March 30, 2008

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Injection 2 – no gorging

Goal Wt. – 120 lbs

43.2 lbs to lose

Yeah. Another loss ….ticker is sliding in the right direction…

Went to the movies last night…saw “21” with Kevin Spacey…very entertaining….Shows me how old I’m getting…..daughter asked me who was in it and all I could remember was Kevin Spacey…couldn’t remember (or didn’t know in the first place)…the name of the young cutie patooties in the movie….ah well…old and good looking is more my speed….Did very well…took unsalted cashews, apple and a water bottle with me so I wouldn’t eat any of the junk food available at the theatre….(actually I forgot my water and bought one there…gave her $4.00 and only got $0.30 back…can you believe that…..)I’m in the wrong line of work….I should be selling water !!!!!!!

This is my last day of eating phase 3 food and back to 500 calories tomorrow. Going to spend some time today looking at recipes and getting a menu together for the first week at least…so I’m prepared.

This round will be ending just in time for my hubby’s grandmother’s 90th birthday…..huge celebration organized already…relatives coming into town from out of area and will be staying with us for a couple of days…. Have a special occasion…smack in the middle of this round as well….can’t decide if I’ll do a planned interruption or just persevere through it…..also having 8 couples over for a card party in early April…..that one might get a little tricky…..decisions…decisions…what to do?? Will figure it out.


Round 2 Phase 2 injection 1 March 29, 2008

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Injection 1 – no gorging

Starting Wt. – 163.2 lbs

BMI – 31.9

Goal Wt. – 120 lbs

43.2 lbs to lose

Well, as they say…”Today is the first day…of the rest of your life”…so glad to be back on Phase 2….want the weight gone…yesterday. 😆

I had a marvelous dinner last night with hubby and friends…stayed true to phase 3…salad greens with evoo and vinegar, salmon, grilled veggies and 1 glass of wine..(OK had 2 more glasses when I got home) All in all…not a bad choice to be had.

Have decided on 125 IU for this round…and because my new order of HCG hasn’t come yet (ordered 2000IU vials)…I must mix up my last vial of 5000 IU to start this round. I did not even think about the HCG supplies being different for the different doses of vials…..

Duh !!! Not thinking…The sterile glass vial (from the 1500 IU or 2000 IU supplies) won’t hold the volume (20 cc) that I wanted for 40 injections at .5cc each….so I have to half the amount of bacteriostatic water to fit into the vial….makes my new dose .25cc …what a pain…

Really have to get stronger reading glasses to see that dose. lol

Showed another loss this morning of 1.8 lbs…so that means I’m starting my R2P2….two whole pounds under LIW….amazing .

Was good being able to change my ticker down a lb or two….seems along time since I played with it.

Going to continue to eat phase 3 routine until Monday….when I’ll start the strict 500 calories. OMG – just thought of something….won’t be able to eat cashews again for 43 days…got to go get me some today before it’s too late.


Day 14 Phase 3 March 28, 2008

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Starting Wt. – 191 lbs

BMI – 37.5

Goal Wt. – 120 lbs

71 lbs to lose

LIW – 165.2

Todays Wt. – 165 lbs BMI -32.1

Today’s gain +.4 lbs

Total Lost 25 lbs

– .2 lb belowLIW 😆

Even though I had a teeny tiny gain…I’m very happy. Finishing Phase 3 with the 25 lbs I lost originally…..can you get any better than that??????

I’m not going to do any gorge days with this round, as it’s only been 15 days since I finished my first round…..hoping that’s OK……don’t want to experience too much hunger. Haven’t decided if I’m going to do 125 IU of HCG or higher…..still waiting for feedback from the experienced HCGers, to see which they recommend. First round I started with 125 IU (according to Dr S) and then because of extreme hunger….I upped it to 200 IU (according to KT). The higher dose didn’t really help the hunger….so I’m not sure which I’ll do yet. Will decide tonight before I mix up my 5000 IU of HCG.

Still waiting for my HCG from…..don’t know why it’s taking so long this time…..e-mail states it was shipped from the UK on Feb. 28/08….that’s a month ago !!!!!! Last time it only took 10 days from the day I ordered it. I’m wondering if it got held up at the Canadian Customs…..I ordered enough HCG for 5 rounds of 40 injections….because my sister is going to do it as well……and she has more rounds to do than me……it cost alot more because of that……so I’m wondering if Customs got curious about the expense…..Who knows.

I’m so excited to start the next round with my LIW showing on the scale. Even though I found the first week of Phase 3 challenging……(to say the least)…..I think I’m going to miss it now that Biz and her Boot Camp has gotten me organized. Any lurkers out there who are struggling with Phase 3……go join Biz’s Boot Camp at…..…look what it did for me….I’m at my LIW.

Going out for dinner tonight to celebrate a new phase starting…..started this phase with salmon and wine….going to end it with salmon and wine…. 😆

Reply to comments:

Jenn – Thanks Jenn….I’m going to give it another week….and then I might take you up on your offer…You are so incredibly kind.

Biz – Thanks for stopping by Biz…I read your Blog every day…you are the Boss Lady !! Thanks for showing me how to fix my blog so others can post now. HCG diet isn’t your only area of expertise.


Day 13 Phase 3 March 27, 2008

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Starting Wt. – 191 lbs

BMI – 37.5

Goal Wt. – 120 lbs

71 lbs to lose

LIW – 165.2

Todays Wt. – 164.6 lbs BMI -32.4

Today’s Loss 1.6 lbs

Total Lost 26.4 lbs

– .6 lb belowLIW 😆

Yeah.  Happy dance. Jumping up and down.  Below LIW again.  I’m still in disbelief and shock…..I keep repeating myself…….can’t believe you lose weight by eating……I keep waiting for someone to jump out and yell…..punked…..and the scale to shoot up 10 lbs.

I know…… I should have absolutely no doubts about this eating for your BMR ……but golly gee…….after years of starvation diets, I just can’t get my head around it.  I’m truly a convert…..but this nagging feeling (that the whole thing is a joke) won’t go away. I’m such a doubting Thomas !!!!

A funny story:  After having our large Easter feast…we noticed that the toilet seal in one of the upstairs bathroom was broken and the toilet was leaking onto the ceiling in the game’s room beneath……so my handy dandy hubby….turned off the water…..drained the toilet…..and then went to the garage to get the proper tools he needed.  When he came back not even 5 minutes later….someone had used the toilet…..there were only 4 people in the house……hubby, me, daughter and her boyfriend.   No wipe to go with the pee……wonder who did it……ROFL……..can imagine the poor guys face when he figured out what he’d done wrong and the toilet wouldn’t flush….(they’ve not been dating long)  ROFL…..hubby was very tactful and kept his mouth shut…too funny….


Day 12 Phase 3 March 26, 2008

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Starting Wt. – 191 lbs

BMI – 37.5

Goal Wt. – 120 lbs

71 lbs to lose

LIW – 165.2

Todays Wt. – 166.2 lbs BMI -32.6

Today’s Loss .6 lbs

Total Lost 24.8 lbs

+1 lb above LIW 😦

Again, followed the advice of wise and wonderful old timers to the phase 3 protocol…and succeeded in dropping another .6 lbs. Yahoo !! Was really hunger last night so did eat extra mixed nuts, which pushed my calories up high. Go figure…I still lost….might pay for it tomorrow. Need to get my head around the fact that you have to eat, to lose… is so different from what I’ve been doing for so many years….bound to take some time to adjust. Must admit I find this Phase 3 a little nerve racking….I keep expecting to see a gain……with eating more then the 500 calories that we were limited to in phase 2. Two more days and then back to phase 2 again.

Replies to Comments:

Jenn –  You are just the sweetest person in the world to make such an offer.  I might take you up on that for my sister’s sake if it doesn’t come in.  I called today to see what’s going on….they told me that it was shipped on 2/28/08….big deal….. I already knew that from their e-mails…..that was a month ago……Anyway they have promised to contact the supplier and track my order…….I hope it’s not sitting at customs, waiting for someone to decide if it’s OK to release


Day 11 Phase 3 March 25, 2008

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Starting Wt. – 191 lbs

BMI – 37.5

Goal Wt. – 120 lbs

71 lbs to lose

LIW – 165.2

Todays Wt. – 166.8 lbs BMI -32.6

Today’s Loss 1 lbs

Total Lost 24.2 lbs

+1.6  lb above LIW 😦

Glad to see the scale go back down again.  Can’t believe I lose 1 lb after all I ate yesterday.  Tried to eat the 1700 calories that my BMR says I’m suppose to eat to maintain…only managed to eat 1600 calories….but wow it worked….still can’t believe I loss after eating all that.  Will aim again for that today.

Still waiting for next HCG…don’t know why it’s taking so long….Want to start next round 2 on Saturday March 29..I have a vial of 5000 IU left from my last order….but I wanted my sister to start at the same time as me, so we could support each other.  Will start on Saturday regardless….but will be disappointed if sister can’t start then as well.

Continuing to do my exercises…find I have a lot more energy for exercising while on phase 3.