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Day 3 VLCD February 4, 2008

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Injection 5
Starting Wt. – 191 lbs BMI – 37.5

Goal Wt. – 120 lbs

71 lbs to lose

Todays Wt. – 184.6 lbs BMI – 36.0

Today’s Lost 2.6 lbs 😆

Total Lost 6.4 lbs 😆


Down again. Yeah. This diet is awesome. The daily loss is keeping me motivated to continue and also to stick with exercise program. Went to Curves this morning at 6 am. Ouch !! Had to drive my daughter to the bus for school so I was up against my will anyway. Curves is a world wide circuit training meant just for women, the ultimate 30 minute workout, so anyone reading this will probably know what I’m referring to. Anyway, this morning at Curves they had changed the signal that tells you to change to the next station, it usually says “Change station now”, Now it says things like “You’re awesome”, “You’re rich”, “You’re loaded” etc. I’m sure this is suppose to be positive reinforcement but, I have to admit it was extremely annoying to hear this babble every 30 seconds for 1/2 hour. It was so phony that I felt I was back in public school and being talked down to. I know I’m not the only one feeling this way so I hope they change it back.

So I got home (in a not so good mood) and decided to do my first 30 min stint on the treadmill. Put my headphones on and started. The volume was not working well, so I was having a hard time hearing the music. (Just what I needed to worsen my mood). While I was walking, my husband appeared, standing in his tidy whiteys with arms crossed and looking fairly annoyed, and talking. Of course I couldn’t hear him because of headphones, so I took them off….. Guess what, the music was blaring…..I had forgotten to plug the headphones into the DVD player….so needless to say ……..everyone was up before the alarm clock.

I’m no longer in a bad mood.. 😆 (He became approachable after his 1st coffee.)

Have to admit, I’ve been feeling a little nauseous in the mornings, it usually subsides by lunchtime. I thought it was because I was taking my multi vitamin on an empty stomach but I felt it this morning before I had taken it. I’ve read on other blogs where other people have this as well. I would have thought that the dose of HCG is low enough not to produce morning sickness. ??? It’s very mild and doesn’t last long. I plan to search the internet and get info on hcg levels and morning sickness. Am only doing the 125 iu dose.

Still feeling hunger off and on during the day, but drinking lots of water helps. I know I had very bad eating habits that my brain has to get over. I hope it does soon.


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